What better time then spring to read about BUGS!!!

some bugs

I found this utterly charming book by Angela DiTerlizzi and illustrated by Brenden Wenzel. It has a lovely rhyming verse and hilarious illustrations, telling some interesting facts about a huge variety of bugs. The kids loved it and wanted to look closer at every bug page to find them all. Luckily there is a bug guide at the back. I love a book that tells facts about our world in a fun way, and this book is one of my favorites now.

step gently out

This is another beautiful book, with delicate micro photographs that give us an up close look at some bugs. While not as amusing as the first book, this lovely book allows the reader to get so close and take a good look at these delicate creatures.


While not a bug book, this very simple book does address the life cycle changes of many animals, including butterflies, and contemplates before and after using beautiful, simple, colorful paintings and little windows in the page. The kids loved to guess what came next, and so it turned into the most participatory of the three books.

For out craft I cut out rectangles of clear contact paper and put in a butterfly shaped frame that the kids could fill with tissue paper squares. It went a little too fast, but turned out pretty with very little effort. Here is a link to a similar project from Differentiated Kindergarten.



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