We are having a super space party at the library this week, so I planned a space storytime. I decided to use some books about traveling into SPACE!!!


This book is stunning, the images are beautiful and have the feel of the iconic space images. I did plan on doing some editing, since it is long for reading, but the text really tells the story and makes it exciting, so hard to do much of that.


Mousetronaut is cute, a little mouse helps the astronauts in space. I liked the pictures, of the space shuttle. Written by an astronaut.

trip into space

Super cute and very simple, this bright story shows the activities and daily lives of a very diverse crew of the space station.

Our craft is to color and then make straw rockets.

NASA created a pdf for data analysis and rocket design, which is more than I would do for First graders, but is cool for older kids or a more involved program.

I decided to go with the simple folded paper and tape one I found on the blog The Pleasantest Thing. It is simple and straightforward, and easy to make colorful.



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