I love Dinovmber. It is the month when toy dinosaurs come to life and get into some mischief. I learned about it from the amazing people at the Dinovember tumbler. The Dinos took over at the library this last November, playing with all our interesting things and generally getting silly. I also did a dinosaur themed storytime to celebrate the silliness inherent in the month.

if i had a raptor

In this hilarious book by George O’Connor, a little girl dreams of the fun to be had having a Velociraptor for a pet. The punchlines are all in the knowing looks by the raptor as the girl dotes affection on a vicious killing machine. A great selection to add to the diversity goals of at least one not-white character per storytime.


Is there anything more ridiculous and endearing then a ballerina Brontosaurus? Brontorina begs to be taken on as a student at Madame Lucille’s school of dance. Brontorina is eager to follow directions, but is constantly limited by the size of the school. In an effort to make her realize her dreams, Madame Lucille moves the school outdoors, and invites anyone who wants to come join in.

if dinos came with

This book starts out like a boring story of a boy running errands with his mother. He quickly changes his attitude about each stop when each store offers a Dinosaur with a purchase. His mother is initially eager to head straight home after the first Dinosaur, but the boy drags her along collecting more and more dinosaurs. Hilarious.


We did this craft from www.cuttingtinybites.com. I prepped the long strips and tringles, and the kids got to tape it all together. We made rainbow colored spikes, and the kids loved it. One made a tail all the way to the floor!

Here are some alternates that are also super funny.

Are All the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad? by Julie Middleton

If the dinosaurs came back by Bernard Most

The Super Hungry Dinosaur by Martin Waddell


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