Librarian Storytime

Storytime begins, and although I know the kids don’t really care if there is a theme, I like it.September’s Theme for the three groups that came in is:

LIBRARIES: an introduction.


library lion

Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen is a very sweet story of a lion who comes in and melts the heart of the stern librarian. This book can get the littler kids squirming in their seats, but overall a nice addition to the library theme.

BatsAtTheLibrary-e1408739426624Bats at the Library by Brian Lies is super fun, but needs a fair amount of explanation for the K/1 group that was visiting. This also offers a good amount of interaction: having the kids call out stories they recognize and detail they see. Since the book is colored dark (it is night, after all), it helps to have all the kids looking close to see what they can find. The story is about a group of bats that come in to the library through an open widow. They read and play. The story is told in a rhyming poem and the illustrations are rich.

dinosaurvslibBob Shea never fails to create a hit for the young crowd. Dinosaur vs. the Library is delightful, funny, and silly, without being mean. Dinosaur wins over all kinds of creatures with his roaring, but must take a break from noise during storytime. Everyone wins! I like to get the kids to roar along, even if it may disturb the other patrons for a minute.

waiting for biblioburro

Waiting for the Biblioburro by Monica Brown is the story of a little girl who is visited by the biblioburro  and is so excited she writes a book about it. We had a copy of this through 3M Cloud Library as an ebook, and the kids seem to really like getting the lights turned down and a book read to them projected onto a screen. I expected them to be bored, but they were all in.

Here is a video of the real Biblioburro:

Our craft was to make little books to add to our collection. I did the prefolding, and the kids had a free for all. The nice thing about this craft was that for an older group, I could teach them how to fold their little books.

Here is what our library display looked like

tiny library within a library

Other books to add to the display on the theme:

tomas and library lady

Tomas visits the library for the first time on his own and makes friends with the librarian. This book is lovely, the illustrations are very stylized and interesting, but it is too long for a storytime.

inside this book

Three children each make a book and they all fit inside this book. This was a great book substitute for the craft

Books I missed when I did this storytime:

lottie paris

 I love the dreamy swirly illustrations and the two quirky kids who make friends in the library.


Great for a young (3-4 yrs) this is a sweet book about the weekly trip Lola takes to the library.

please louise

Louise is having a very bad, afraid, miserable, rainy day, until she finds her way into the safe haven of the library.