The goal here is to put together the books my family loves into bunches, like flowers.  I love to do this, but have never found any application for it before until now. Forced to blog for librarian school I will venture forth into books reviews and thematic book groupings, and am finding even the initial notes I am making for future entries entirely satisfying.

While the three year old could care less, I cannot help but peruse sections of the library and find them lacking. I want to be able to find books organized together by subject, but most the picture books are organized by author’s last name: entirely unhelpful. When I first started asking librarians for thematic suggestions (I think I was looking for books about colors for J at 2 years old) she went immediately to the computer. I will admit I wanted instinctual recommendations. So I am starting my own logbook, that way when a young mom comes to me looking for comic books or farm books or books about grandparents, I will have an answer at my fingertips.

So here as a first entry have compiled a list of three of J’s (really mostly my) favorite comic books (leaving out the totally inappropriate Futurama  comic book which is his first love because, even though he can’t read, I am sure it will give him ideas. Bender is a terrible role model.)


1. Nursery Rhyme Comics Edited by Chris Duffy. J loves this book. It is a collection of nursery rhymes each illustrated by a different artist in comic book style. J is naturally drawn to nursery rhymes and this combines them with the art he finds so appealing. I love it to, although not entirely. In “This Little Piggy” by Cyril Pedrosa the pigs that go to market are eaten by a family of scary looking wolves and “Solomon Grundy” by Mike Mignola is just creepy. But the majority of them are delightful and interesting. I love to see the diversity of artistic style represented. I especially like the illustration for “Hickory, Dickory, Dock” by Stephanie Yue and “Hush Little Baby” by Mo Oh if J’s especial favorite.  Last week I was too exhausted to read bedtime stories so J spent 45 minutes quietly reading this book by nightlight while I tried to sleep next to him. I think he would have stayed up longer but by 10:45 he was still awake and I had to wake up enough to lay down the bedtime law.

2. Sticky Burr by John Lechner.  In all honesty, J is so obsessed with Nursery Rhyme Comics that he has not even noticed the antics and amusements of Sticky Burr. Sticky is a forest burr who does not fit in with the prickly crowd and is harassed by a burr bully. The writing and dialog is not the most intelligent, but I like the pictures of the burr village and the descriptive side notes Sticky gives us about his home. Also, there is a song.

3. Super Dragon by Steven Kroll and Doug Holgate. We liked the vivid pictures and bright movement, but this early reader comic book was not quite what I was hoping for. I love a dragon book and gathered this up in the hopes that it might be a good dragon introduction, but it was not really. The youngest dragon in a family must learn to fly secretly with the help of a bird while his family gets ready for a dragon competition they feel he is too small for. Of course he wins the day, but the story feels forced.

Of the three we would only choose to own (or check out from the library again and again)is the Nursery Rhyme Comics.  I am still on the lookout for engaging and intelligent comic books that have more cute animals and fewer boobs than most the comic books that I have seen so far.


2 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. Esther says:

    What a wonderful idea!

  2. Crystallion says says:

    I love this! You are absolutely amazing. Thank you for such a wonderful resource!

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